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Heat blast furnace slag water purification

Heat blast furnace slag water purification
  Blast furnace slag water energy use


        At present, China Blast furnace slag treatment process mainly Slag way process. Since the slag temperature up to 1400-1500 ℃. So bring out the blast furnace slag water as a heat energy, with its temperature stability, flow characteristics, energy recycling is becoming a hot topic. There are ways to take advantage of the following categories:

1Heating       2、Duplex quality power generation technology recycling           3、Thermoelectric power generation technology
But what kind of energy-use patterns or processes, the first water purification, has proved: the lack of precision quartz sand filtration, filter using fiber filter is easy to form dirt on the fibers, hydrogen is difficult to clean, and replace the filterIt has a high cost. Market need to have a filtration device or system for performance.
Microfiltration equipment demonstrations in the field of



     Left microfiltration system demonstration site, disposed within a container can be stored piping, valves, tools, and office seating detection. The picture shows the filtering effect of the right contrast, left for the backwash of sewage water, the right to filtered water. In the particulate filter material to achieve such a strong effect of shocking, many in the industry lay members to be sure, the market is difficult to find a particulate filter filtering accuracy can reach such an extent, this is the magical effect of microfiltration, has stressed that the particulate filter material, because they can flow through the backwash recovery without replacing the filter,
    The filter is a steel-making plant slag water, had just cooled reuse, with microfiltration technology can through a heat exchanger to recover heat application, and further reduce energy consumption, which is of great value in the promotion of China's metallurgical industry.


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