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Microfiltration used in metallurgy turbid circulating water purification

Microfiltration used in metallurgy turbid circulating water purification

   Metallurgical turbid circulating water mostly by adding flocculant precipitate way, there are also high-speed filtering system set up in the back, the actual operation, there are several issues that need improvement,
1 agent is generally acidic, resulting in long-term use of recycled water quality PH decreased to increase the system
Corrosion filter.
2 sedimentation effect alone is not the best, fine suspended solids and iron mud should not precipitate for pump wear large, annual consumption of more maintenance costs.
3 quartz sand filtration system or medium speed, low filtration accuracy, recoil consume large amounts of energy,
   System easily hourglass.
   The introduction of new technology --- microfiltration, fully capable of turbid circulating water technical requirements, which replaces physical chemical process technology, one solution to the shortcomings of traditional craft route.
In practice, it does not need to completely dismantle the old facilities, but local conditions technological design, microfiltration technology and equipment with the user's existing facilities combine technical innovation, so as to achieve energy saving and improve the performance of double effect.


                                                               Mills turbid circulating water sedimentation pond


           Three samples of the figure on the left for the dosing precipitation, the right to direct filtration, better than dosing.
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