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Application of double membrane

Application of double membrane
       As a reverse osmosis membrane ultrafiltration pretreatment process methods, called dual-mode method, it has been widely used in the metallurgical industry, water treatment and achieved good results, but there is also a common problem, which is how to improve ultrafiltration life of the membrane and the membrane flux during operation of the dual-mode process configuration method to conduct research statistical analysis found the following common problems, that is: people tend to attach great importance to the protection of the reverse osmosis membrane, so using ultrafiltration as a pretreatment measures, but who do as ultrafiltration pretreatment, or more commonly used quartz sand media filter tank.


1mm = 1000μm, quartz sand media filtration or accuracy ≥10μm, ultrafiltration precision ≤0.1μm, and microfiltration between 0.1μm ~ 10μm accuracy. Thus, between the ultrafiltration and quartz sand filtration, microfiltration across a stage, if using microfiltration ultrafiltration membranes as a pretreatment, the specific effect of quartz sand a lot of good use.


Seen from the figure; cross-flow ultrafiltration membrane flux way to keep the so-called cross-flow is actually to let some water flowing directly from the membrane channel for flushing impurities trapped within the tube, to avoid clogging the membrane tube wall, however, retain only by a small amount of colloidal substances it is difficult to fault the amount of water coming out, they will gradually accumulate, which is regularly cleaned using chemical reasons, but also from the side that ordinary quartz sand or media can not achieve the purpose of the removal of colloids, The greatest impact on the ultrafiltration of colloidal flux.

Microfiltration technology uses micro active ceramic filter material is ideal pretreatment process equipment, which is 20,000 times the filtration path ultrafiltration membrane can be effectively adsorbed interception suspended solids and colloids can be used repeatedly without replacing the filter, operating costs extremely low.

Thereby reducing the intensity of the work ultrafiltration membranes, increase membrane flux, prolong membrane life and prolong the period of cleaning agents, increase water production, typical process can achieve zero cross-flow filtration,

Site microfiltration filter effects


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