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Microfiltration technology for the paper mill primary clarifier

Microfiltration Technology

Primary sedimentation tank for paper mill

     Most sewage treatment has the primary settling tank, aimed precipitate suspended solids, but the effect is not satisfactory or needs to be improved in many cases. In particular wastewater, because it contains a lot of paper fibers and difficult to precipitate,

Sewage preceding try to remove suspended solids has the following advantages:

1 in favor of removing non-soluble COD, reduce biochemical load, especially to improve the efficiency of the anaerobic process.

2 suspensions are mostly heavy metal sludge, good dewatering performance, thereby reducing the cost of post-biological sludge dewatering.

3 filtration technology for high efficiency natural sedimentation ratio, can reduce the area or increase production.

Microfiltration technology solutions are:

1 with a drop of water belt filter to replace the original grille, the primary settling tank to sedimentation filtration tank, without increasing energy consumption, removal of suspended solids, reduce non-soluble COD, reducing the amount of post-sludge treatment.

2 multiple filter unit immersed in the sedimentation tank, both precipitation, filtration there, still follow the original sludge removal system;

3 filtration rate 3 ~ 8m / h, filtering accuracy 100μm. Rely only difference for filtering out water, recoil using secondary sedimentation tank effluent and compressed air.

4 disposable filters can remove 80-90% of suspended solids in the effluent SS 500mg / L or so, non-soluble COD also decreased; thereby improving the subsequent biochemical efficiency, reducing the overall operating costs. And because the primary settling tank filter into the poor rely on water carried, and therefore very low running costs.

Process flow diagram

5  Filtered SS no need to continue to reduce, because the basic material remaining after filtration is dissolved, which depends on the biochemical solved this primary filter to have removed 80-90% of suspended solids, and relying difference condition under implement filtering, without increasing energy consumption, almost no increase in operating costs, but there is a significant role in promoting the overall biochemical processes.


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