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River Regulation

Urban rivers treatment points

    Urban river called the river the city is a city for each channel and the construction of drainage, with the development of the city, along the channels gradually brings together many of the sewage pipes, sewage outflow from many of these pipes have not been processed, so that these channels become gutter, many still exudes a strong odor, affecting the daily lives of the people along the coast, considering the summer to collect rainwater, it is not full coverage, how to pay off and remove the smell of river related to all aspects, including technology, equipment, land, money , management, department, municipal, running and many other problems. This article will discuss technical issues given reference proposal, specifically how to use a drop of water equipment system that allows water to quickly pay off, remove the odor.


The coastal outfalls have plans to collect the order directly to the shore of the water treatment facilities, this is taken into account along the outfall is not blocked, only the boot, but lead to where are inappropriate, the most appropriate way is to press Lot collection after handling, such as collecting 15 outfalls along the river bank 2 km, parallel with the river water channels (not a pipe) to a water treatment facility for processing. Back to the river after treatment reschedule or depth of treatment and reuse.



  And collected with the outfall, each at a distance of a double set of micro technology and equipment system, runoff process, including the collection of sewage outfall along the river, but also difficult to collect sewage upstream (temporarily called A segment), after treatment discharged to the river is clear and transparent colorless, odorless and clean water. Until the next stage of dual micro technology and equipment system (temporarily become Section B),


 A --- B between the flow of purified water will be discharged into the sewage distance between A --- B, therefore each outfall will be linked to the next sequential dual micro system technology and equipment. And so on. Such a treatment process to achieve the following effect:

1 can be reduced about 60% COD, COD is the amount of pollution abatement for the main course.

2 turbidity 1 --- 3NTU, effluent SS control in 5mg / L.

3 to solve the people's dissatisfaction with the aquatic environment, the river no longer exudes the smell. Crystal clear water.



Remove sewage contamination is precious water, the depth of processing can be achieved in water reuse, challenge is not a technical issue, but the processing and usage of balance problems, and user demands are laying water pipes in question, which is a long-term systems engineering, not in a day. How to achieve this transition it proposed such a framework program.

After questions about the use of river water balance research users, building an appropriate height tower, water tower below the set level, the system automatically starts the water supply, and always maintain the water level of the water table, the water meter is set, be charged according to meter traffic.

Technical equipment used YMBR (Asia membrane bioreactor) and matching process, mainly because in addition to further removal of COD reduction of total nitrogen and total phosphorus in order to adapt the circulating water replenishment needs. Such treatment is better than double micro technology, but it can not be such a good white water discharged into the river, so the design of automatic water high water tower.

第四:Covering about water treatment facilities

Usually most of the city along the river there is enough equipment installation site, but in the city center or along the river bank sector have been developed, may not be ideal installation site, it can be considered on the river bridge, to solve the problem area of the device, only drawback is : such measures will lead to slightly higher pump head, resulting in increased operating costs.



After the fifth device backwash of sewage sludge treatment

1 health after treatment as green manure coast

2 Add the appropriate material and then pressed into a permeable brick laying along the river

Sixth equipment operation management and charging

1 The whole river is seen as an elongated wastewater treatment plant, with reference to management of sewage plants.

2 supplier administrations set up cooperation with the user operation and management company, is responsible for the daily operation and management of equipment

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