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Two BOT model

Two BOT business model description

BOT mode is a marketing model of sewage treatment, the main contents are: supply-side investment, construction, operation, management, and then flow a fee, up to a certain age, the facility free gift of the demand side, in China's urban sewage and sewage treatment in many industrial parks, the widespread adoption of this model, is already a very mature business model, which is particularly advantageous for the user, there is no risk, but the supplier is indeed a big challenge, in addition to other than financial risk, more technically advanced, because only the strong technology, in order to have profit margins, followed by the equipment operation management, technical tricks, but can not be sustained and stable low-cost operation, also did not realize profit expectations. Because of this, using the BOT model requires considerable economic and technological strength. Almost all our sewage treatment facilities have carried out a general contractor to run, which is the use of a considerable part of the BOT model.

Two BOT model and the traditional BOT both similarities and differences point, the table below

Local conditions or energy saving technology upgrades

Compare contents

Traditional BOT



Main areas

Municipal sewage

Municipal and industrial water treatment

To promote energy saving and environmental protection of water treatment range

Project form

Cement Infrastructure

Steel Equipment

Included under BOT mode has two BOT

Construction period

1 - - 2 years

1-2 months

Reducing user investment in infrastructure construction management

Engineering Properties

  Most of the new

Mostly situ upgrading

Technology Source

General Technology

Exclusive development

Mainly a drop of water microfiltration technology systems

     Two BOT model: users do not need to invest, wholly owned by the supplier into the system until all the equipment running, and running for contracting parties, including contractors operating costs, only to reach treatment targets contained in the contract, the user only according to the contract, in accordance with per cubic pay the agreed fee, also known as traffic accounting. General continued 6--10 years, the contract expires, the user equipment grants.

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